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All-Around Massage Therapy Services

    At SoulSpace Massage & Permanent Makeup, you can always expect amazing massage services that make your body and mind feel good. Check out all the services I provide and schedule an appointment today! Gift certificates are also available for purchase at my clinic in Kirkland Lake, Ontario.
    • Trigger Point Therapy
    • Hot Stone Massage
    • Indie Head Massage
    • Relaxation Massage
    • Swedish Massage
    • Deep Tissue
    • Therapeutic Treatments
    • Post and Pre-Natal
    • Muscular Conditions

Massage Therapy Treatment

Traditional Swedish massage that I will tailor to suit your specific needs.


Therapeutic Massage:

A deep, intense massage which is highly effective for alleviating headaches, soothing sore muscles and relieving chronic stress and tension. I will tailor this massage to suit your specific needs, using various techniques to reduce pain, enhance performance, improve range of movement and aid recovery.

Relaxation Massage:

This traditional Swedish massage uses a calming massage technique that eases stress from the body by calming the nervous system, reducing muscular tension and by stimulating the release of endorphins, a natural chemical in the body that induces deep relaxation. With stress under control, the body’s immune system functions better.

Pregnancy Massage:

Pregnancy Massage may help reduce or alleviate many of the common physical discomforts associated with pregnancy: backaches, leg cramps, constipation, swelling, fatigue, varicose veins, headaches, and insomnia. For women who must limit their physical activity during pregnancy, massage helps stimulate circulation and maintain joint flexibility. My pregnancy cushions allow the mother-to-be to lie face down during the treatment, an indulgence in itself

Hot Stone Massage

Hot stone massage makes you feel deeply relaxed and promotes you to let go of the stress that is held within your body. This massage involves the application of water-heated basalt stones of varying sizes to key points on the body, giving a deep massage and creating sensations of comfort and warmth. The direct heat relaxes muscles, allowing manipulation of a greater intensity than with regular massage.

Cool stones are used as a contrast medium to create a deep circulator effect within the body. This is a very cleansing, immune strengthening and relaxing experience. While the thought of cool stones can sound uncomfortable, they are actually a refreshing contrast to the heat within the session. This treatment is not recommended during pregnancy.

Jade Stone Massage

Feel the healing power of jade! Jade brings new meaning to Hot Stone Therapy. Revered for its ability to bring harmony and balance Known to the Chinese as the Stone of Heaven, jade has been used to attract love and bring money.

When used for massage, Jade is a protective stone used to heal stressed organs (kidneys) and discharge toxins it has the composition of iron, magnesium and calcium. It slows the aging process and strengthens the body’s natural defenses. These stones are cut to various shapes and sizes and then polished providing a smooth and silky feeling on the skin. They are non-porous, and resistant to harbouring bacteria.


Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

Himalayan Salt Stones contain 84 naturally occurring minerals. The minerals provide a gentle exfoliation on the skin, making the skin feel smooth and soft after your massage session. Himalayan Salt Stones give off negative ions. What does this mean? When there are too many positive ions in the body it leads to inflammation. Therefore, being massaged with the stones helps balance the positive ions with negative ions. This can help reduce inflammation. Another way to balance ions in the body is walking barefoot on the earth. The minerals in the Himalayan Salt stones assist in the detoxification process of massage. Massage alone is detoxifying because it is moving the blood and the lymph around in the body. It helps to circulate the toxins out of the body. The minerals in the stones help to draw out the toxins even further. Himalayan salt can even used in footbaths and baths to help draw out toxins!


Indie Head Massage

The Indie Head is a form of alternative medicine massage therapy that originated in India thousands of years ago. It is a massage derived from the ancient healing system of Ayurveda that focuses on the head, shoulders and neck.

An Indie Head Massage is an ideal way for a person to get away from everyday emotional and mental stress. The treatment uses coconut oil massaged into the scalp. Some alternate oils being used include sesame and olive. Though using oil is optional, some benefits of oil include softening the skin, relieving muscular pain and stiffness, and deeply conditioning the hair.


Releases headaches, migraines, and tension in the head/neck

Improves circulation of the cerebral fluid.

Relaxation of the entire head.

Help relieve symptoms such as sinusitis and congestion.

Encourages a glowing complexion.

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