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What Is Permanent Makeup Tattooing?

Permanent Makeup is the art of implanting color into your skin, so you can look better naturally. It is done with a tattoo machine by a Micropigmentation Technician. Specific instruments place color into the layer of skin known as the dermis.

The outermost layer on skin (epidermis), is always shedding and renewing itself, you are looking at the color through a thin veil of skin. When a procedure is completed, the color will flake off during the healing process, lightening the overall effect.

Because the color is placed in your skin and not on your skin, a more natural, softer look results. Cosmetic tattoo is a way to save time and make your life easier. Wake up every morning with perfect make up. Go for a swim, to the gym, have a run, play tennis, golf, shower or perspire, and your make up won’t smudge or run off.

Note: Overdoing permanent makeup is never a good idea. The number one advice I give to my clients is to go for the youthful look, rather than the Glamourous look. 



  • Busy people.
  • People with allergies to cosmetics.
  • People with seasonal allergies that make their eyes water.
  • People that exercise and sweat their cosmetics off.
  • People that enjoy water sports and hot holidays.
  • People with arthritic hands that struggle with makeup application.
  • People with physical limitations to application.
  • People that have lost their brows due to illness.
  • People that have had scarring due to injury.
  • Aging changes in brows, lips, eyes.
  • People with alopecia.
  • People that struggle to apply makeup properly.
  • Young, mature and very mature! (Must be 18 +)

When you are making the decision to have permanent makeup done it can be very beneficial to have a consultation regarding the service you would like done. Doing so will give you the opportunity to get all your questions answered so you can make an informed decision regarding whether or not you would like to proceed with the procedure.

Not only will a consultation give you a chance to ask your questions, it will also give me the opportunity to explain – in detail – what to expect the day of the appointment if you chose to move forward. I will be more then happy to walk you through the process.

  • The mapping out/drawing process
  • Numbing process
  • What to expect during the tattooing process?
  • Aftercare expectations

Consultation Cost is $50.00, (60- Min) if you choose to go with this procedure $50.00 will be deducted from your treatment cost.

Important Note***

My policy is to NOT tattoo during pregnancy or nursing. I want the best for your baby, and your face. It has been recorded that anesthetic is excreted in breast milk.

How painful is this procedure?

Everyone’s pain threshold is different, but in general, the pain of the procedure is often described as pinching or light scratches I will be using a topical numbing ointment that’ll significantly dull your pain.

Healing process:

You will experience some scabbing/flaking the first week after your appointment as your skin heals, so it’s very important to keep the treated area moisturized on a frequent bases with your aftercare balm those firsts 2 weeks post-treatment.


Eyebrows are one of a person's most prominent facial features. They help accentuate the eyes, shape the face, and play a powerful role in communication.

Hair Strokes

This technique is preformed using the best of quality needles on the market. Creating the thinnest of hair strokes with precision and close attention to detail. This procedure helps to provide structure in a non existing brow to the ones also seeking more natural look in following their natural flow of hair pattern. This is Suitable for most skin types.


designing the lightest dust of colour to a dark depth of colour through out the natural eyebrow. This is for the client search for a more polished look. Colour depth differs from client to client depending on their needs and wants. Its Suitable for all skin types.


This type of procedure is the combination of hair strokes and shading, most popular. It provides natural thin hair strokes for a better brow structure and a depth of colour through out either light to dark depending on clients needs and desires. This is the most requested procedures as it suits all skin types and great for all age groups. Great for the client that is seeking a well-defined brow.

All procedures are customizable depending on client’s skin type/undertone. I will help advise on what technique is suitable for your specific needs and wants.

Important Note***

Its best to get this procedure done during winter months, due to the skin being more of its natural tone due to less sun exposure. If getting done during summer months limit sun exposure during healing process.

Cosmetic Procedure Cost:

(Every procedure consists of 2 treatments)



$400.00 / Follow UP (5-7 weeks) 


Hair Strokes/Shading:

$400.00 / Follow Up (5-7 weeks) 


After Care Balm: $20


- Services are subjected to 13% HST

Permanent Eyeliner

Your eyes express who you really are. Permanent Eyeliner is natural and gorgeous, bringing out the best your eyes have to offer. Permanent Eyeliner can be applied in many styles and colours, from a soft, natural looking lash enhancement to a dramatic defined line. Eyeliner can be applied on the upper or lower lid, depending on your liking. A follow up appointment is scheduled 5-7 weeks after the procedure to check on how the procedure has healed and if any further work is needed.

Lash Enhancement

A thin black line through out the natural lash line. This is great when seeking natural. Not the commitment of an eyeliner but simply to enhance one’s natural beauty of the eyes. This technique is great for making the eyes stand out with making the natural lash base darker and thicker. Giving the illusion of thick lashes.

All cosmetic tattooed eyeliners are designed and involved with clients needs and wants. Anything can be customizable to your request. I can help recommend what technique would suit your eyes and lifestyle.

Important Note***

1.Do not wear contact lenses during the procedure.

2.Before the procedure, do not dye, curl, or perm your lashes for at least 14 days.

3.Stop the use of eyelash growing serums 3 weeks before the procedure.

4.Let me know if you’ve had eye surgery done. This includes Lasik and cataracts, to name a few.

Cosmetic Procedure Cost:

(Every procedure consists of 2 treatments)


Lash line enhancements:    TOP/BOTTOM:  $350/Follow UP (5-7 weeks) 

                                 TOP:  $190/Follow UP (5-7 weeks) 


Winged Eyeliner:           $400 / Follow UP (5-7 weeks)


                                                                           Classic Liner:          TOP/BOTTOM:  $400 / Follow UP (5-7 weeks) 

                                                                                                            TOP: $245/Follow UP (5-7 weeks) 


After Care Balm: $20


- Services are subjected to 13% HST

Lip Blushing

What is lip blush?

Lip blushing is semi-permanent, tattooed makeup that tints your lips using a cosmetic tattoo gun that softly defines and fills in your lips to give them a constant wash of color, The result is kind of similar to lip fillers in that your lips will look a little fuller simply by being defined and enhanced with pigment but lip blushing won’t actually change the shape or feeling of your lips.

Instead, it’ll just leave you with a soft, shaded-in color that can enhance your lip symmetry, cover uneven pigmentation or scars, and give you the illusion of bigger, fuller lips.

Important Note***

If you have had a cold sore in the past, I advise that you consult with a doctor to obtain an anti-viral medication prior to any lip procedure as a preventative. Even if you have not experienced a cold sore in a number of years the virus stays dormant in the body and is reactivated by a stressor to the area.

If during winter months you experience very dry lips it is best to wait for the procedure come springtime .. your lips will be naturally dry from the procedure and more so due to environmental changes. 

Cosmetic Procedure Cost:

(Every procedure consists of 2 treatments)


Lip Blush: $400.00 / Follow UP (5-7 weeks) 


Lip Balm After Care: $20


- Services are subjected to 13% HST

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