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Your Satisfaction Is My Priority

Mission and Vision Statement

My mission is to help clients obtain optimal wellness by providing quality massage treatments in that create a positive experience for both the client and the therapist.

My vision is to be the preferred choice for massage therapy services in the Kirkland Lake area by providing exceptional services in a professional and ethical manner.


Team Values


I want my clients to love coming to the clinic. I want to work with you and help you achieve your wellness goals. True passion shines through, and I believe that you will see the passion in my work each and every day.


The path to a client’s optimal wellness means spending time to understand the client’s needs and making a plan together that will get you Back In Action!


Working with my clients in a professional and ethical manner where they truly know I have their best interest at heart.

Continuous Improvement: I do not expect everything about my work to be perfect. I am always looking for ways to continue getting better at my craft and I strive to exceed my clients’ expectations.

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